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12t Dec, 2013: Regular SVC 'Go Vegan' Support meetings planned for 2014
We will be holding 'Go Vegan' support meetings every second week in 2014. Our support meetings are attended by a mix of new vegans, those interested in going vegan, and also experienced vegans.
These meetings are a great way to get advice and guidance on:
- Vegan nutrition
- Vegan products
- Vegan food ideas
- How to overcome some of the challenges of going vegan
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12th Dec, 2013: SVC to hold Australian premiere of 'Speciesism' film in Feb 2014
Sydney Vegan Club is pleased to announce that we have been given the honour to screen the australian premiere of the film 'Speciesism' in 2014! This amazing 'VEGucational' event will feature psychologist Clare Mann and nutritionists Dr Sean Kirsten!
12th Dec, 2013: Monthly nutrition seminars planned for 2014
We are planning to run a nutrition seminar every month in 2014, with our wonderful health professionals Robyn Chuter and Fiona Halar! Subscribe to our newsletter below for updates and dates!
10th Mar, 2013: Sydney Vegan Club now has over ONE THOUSAND members!
After just over a year of running, we now have over one thousand members! Its wonderful to have such a big and buzzing vegan community here in sydney!

Welcome to Sydney Vegan Club

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Whether you are a long-time vegan, new vegan or interested in going vegan, Sydney Vegan Club is for you! Its free to join, and once you do you’ll have a chance to come along to one of our many and varied events to meet other people who are considering or have already made the vegan choice – for the animals, sustainability, and better personal health!

Sydney Vegan Club is one of the largest vegan communities in the world! Check out our FB PageFB group and meetup page, and come and get involved by rsvping for an one of our meet ups here!

Its free to join Sydney Vegan Club. There is a two step process:
1. Join our mailing list by filling out the form below
2. Go to our meetup page and create a profile so that you can rsvp for events and gatherings! click here 

We are a very friendly bunch and we look forward to meeting you soon!


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