2018 overview

This page is updated every 1-2 months with recent event, contribution and expense info.

18th Jan: The Ghosts In Our Machine – at RAHS
22nd Feb: The Ghosts In Our Machine – at RAHS

6th Jan: Patreon suppoerters $278.15
12th Jan: Denise Armstrong via Gofundme.com $50
18th Jan: Supporter tickets via eventbrite.com $66.10
24th Jan: Yoshiko Takeuchi via Gofundme.com $50
6th Feb: Patreon supporters $316.43
30th feb: Supporter tickets via eventbrite.com $25.32
6th mar: Patreon supporters $328.36
7th may: Donation from Australian Vegetarian Society $100
29th may: cash donation – Jake V. $15
Total: $1229.36

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