Best Places to Sell Your Car in Sydney

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Most folks looking to sell their cars are looking to do so at a premium price. There are usually just two options – dealerships or prayerfully hoping you can rid yourself of it at a private sale. Emphasis on prayerfully. The problem with dealerships is that you’ll get the least possible value for your car, and there’s no wiggle room. On the plus side, you’ll get your cash instantly – what little of it. Private sales are the best way to get great value for your vehicle, and thanks to the internet, there are more online market places you can sell your car Sydney at its best price – pending details like odometer rating. Here are the best places to sell your car in Sydney.


This site prides itself on its ability to use big data to not only put cars in front of those looking to get one but to sell your car at its best possible value. The site allows you to get an estimate of what the approximate market rate for your vehicle is before you even consider listing with them. The difference between this and an ordinary dealership (besides the obvious price difference), is that they’ll accept almost any vehicle brand. Most dealerships have a brand preference.


This tool connects private buyers with private sellers exclusively. What differentiates them from other market places is that they allow buyers to search for a vehicle make specifically by year and model. It narrows their shopping experience, so they don’t get distracted when looking at a website with cluttered vehicle listings.

#3. Gumtree

Aussies might know Gumtree as the site to find apartments, but it also helps folks find vehicles for sale. Note though that its listings focus on pretty banged up vehicles, so the potential customers aren’t looking for semi-new vehicles.