Gardens House: Event Venues in Melbourne, Australia

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Are you looking for a venue for your wedding, engagement party or any other intimate event? If you live in Australia or you are simply visiting, the Royal Botanic Garden in Melbourne is a must-see. Set in the lush and picturesque garden, lies the Gardens House, which is popular among many locals and tourists alike.

About the Gardens House?

The Gardens House at the Royal Botanic Gardens is one of the most sought-after event spots in Melbourne for a good reason. Built-in the 1850s, the private property attracts many because of its splendor and ambiance. It not only offers indoor space for you and your guests but also makes for a great photo session. The sprawling Botanic Garden adds to the charm of the place.

One of the many benefits of hiring the Gardens House as an event venue is that it is very accessible from the CBD. Transporting your guests to and from the venue would, therefore, be easy and cheap. The two-story building has enough space to host your event, complete with rooms for cocktail set-ups, comfortable catering and seating space. Whether you want to use the space for an intimate soiree or an office celebration party, the building can be decorated to accommodate you and your guests.

Suitable for any event the Gardens House is not only wheelchair-accessible, but it is also equipped with enough parking space for your guests. It has wi-fi access, PA system, projectors, a smoking area, a stage and sufficient dance floor space. All you have to do is work with an events planner to set up the space how you want it to look to accommodate the theme you are going for as well as the number of guests you expect.

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