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About our events
SVC has been holding free public vegan education events since 2014. These events include:
* A five minute introductory talk by SVC founder Kym Staton
* film screening – currently ‘What The Health’ film
* An extensive vegan food tasting
* Mingle with SVC representatives to answer questions about veganism
* An invitation to sign up to our free 30 Day Vegan Challenge program

How are funds used?
100% of money contributed to Sydney Vegan Club events is used for the costs of putting on these events.
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We budget $550 for each event to pay for:
* Venue hire
* Screening license
* Advertising

With a lot of promotional work, we consistently attract an audience of over 100 people to each event – most of them non-vegans!

These events are HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL at educating about animal issues and inspiring people to become vegan and sign up to our 30 Vegan Challenge. So far at each event around 25% of non-vegan attendees sign up to our 30 Day Vegan Challenge on the night! For most attendees, these events are the FIRST time they have seriously examined their choices in relation to animals, our environment and their health. We have a terrific team of SVC members who help out at these events, with talking to the vegan-curious guests, answering their many questions and giving them encouragement and support in making the lifestyle transition. We find that after hearing a short talk then the 90 min film, people are VERY keen to have a long chat and have a genuine readiness to learn and really appreciate the support and guidance that our members can provide in helping make kinder, greener, healthier choices!Thanks for helping us educate and bring awareness for change!
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson MandelaPlease fill out the form below, then click ‘submit’.
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